For the third official Miss Teen Canada World blog assignment, we were asked to describe a perfect 30-second commercial we would film if we got a chance to create a commercial for personalized towels.

When I think personalized towels, I think weddings! I think personalized bath towels with the couples surnames embroidered on the end of the towel would be a great, and thoughtful wedding gift!

The setting of this commercial would be somewhere hot and beautiful, perhaps Cabo San Lucas! You get a nice view, and you save so much money not having to rent a studio, and paying for all those extra lighting, props, and what not. The wedding would take place in a beautiful outdoor resort such as RIU Palace in Cabo San Lucas. I mean come on; a bath towel would definitely come in handy after a dip in the warm pool of RIU. The nice green palm trees would also complete the hot summer’s day look. I think this would be a perfect setting for an outdoor wedding.

The commercial would begin with a close up profile of the couple smiling at one another, staring hopelessly into one another’s eyes as the national wedding anthem plays in the background. With a fortunate budget of $250,000, I would bargain with a mega star couple like Beyoncé and Jay-Z to play as the happy couple. Imagine the publicity you’d get! The camera would then zoom out, and capture the beautiful view of Cabo San Lucas, capturing the priest standing behind the happy couple saying the words “If any man can show just cause, why they may not lawfully be joined together, let him now speak, or else hereafter forever hold his peace.” Soon the camera will turn to the front of the outdoor wedding, filming a man in a spiffy black and white suit running towards the alter eager to speak to Jay-Z.  The wedding guests gasp at the same time as they become completely quiet. Jay-Z gives the man a very suspicious look telling him it can wait. Beyoncé becomes a little insecure and embarrassed due to this outburst, she looks around and sees a woman who completely stands out standing by the door and quickly assumes the worst out of Jay-Z and storms off. The crowd of family and friends are shocked to their disbelief as they watch Jay-Z run after her.

In this last scene it shows the couple in their beautiful Riu Palace suit, this suite is filled with yellow lighting with a mixture of natural sunlight. It’s covered in dark chocolate brown furniture. The camera focuses on Beyonce crying to herself as she sits on her king sized bed. The camera then turns to the room’s front door; there stands Jay-Z as he walks towards Beyonce to comfort her. Jay-Z comforts her and reassures her that nothing will ever come between them; as he wipes her tears away with a personalized bath towel, which is focused on by the camera.

As the commercial comes to an end with only 7 seconds left, the camera focuses on the couple in all white; sitting side by side in front of the beautiful sunset that Cabo has to offer. There will be a small and soft voice of a woman saying “Signature Towels, great for any occasion” as those words are written on the screen in fancy white cursive letters. This leaves the viewers a relaxed, and warm vibe before the commercial comes to an end.

This is a rough idea of my 30 second commercial for Signature Towels. It may not be the best, but with a little more work it could turn into something pretty great!

Danica Tan



*All photos used were found on Google*

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    I’ve been to Cabo.

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