So, if you’ve been following my Facebook updates, or tweets, you’re all aware that I have safely arrived in Toronto! It’s been 4 days already, and these past few days have been JAM PACKED! Here’s a little bit about my journey in the Miss Teen Canada World 2013 Nationals in TORONTO!

Day one:

I arrived in Toronto on Saturday at about 3pm! A few of the British Columbia girls and I were on the same plane, we got picked up at the Toronto Pearson International Airport! When we arrived at the hotel, Holiday Inn there were already girls at the lobby waiting to check in. When I got to my hotel room, my roommate was already there all settled in, her name is Jasmine Herrera! It’s crazy how similar we are to one another! She’s super sweet, and every time we spoke about ourselves, it was super spooky how we said “Oh my gosh me too!” every single time! I think our director Michelle did such a great job pairing people up, I don’t know how she did it! Afterwards, at about 7pm, we got chaperoned up to the 12th floor for the Welcome party! Here we got to meet our wonderful sponsors such as HiTec Canada, PS by Pretty Sweets, Schwarzkopf Hair Products, and more! We also got to learn more about the pageant’s official charity organization, Free The Children! We also got to meet all the other delegates from other provinces such as Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia, as well as our wonderful chaperones! I’m so blessed to have such an amazing team, I absolutely love our chaperones Mark (JWOW), Hazel (Snooki), Christi, and Michelle! They are so much fun to be around!

Day two:

Day two was such a hectic day. It was our official Miss Teen Canada World 2013 interview, video and photo shoot. There wasn’t much to it but tons of waiting, and butterflies. The judges were super sweet during the interview. They made me feel very comfortable, and welcomed. I loved them! The photo shoot was very quick, it was definitely shorter than the usual photo shoots I’ve done in the past. I was nervous for the video shoot, I’m not very good at speaking in front of the camera. I had a different dress on for this shoot, I put on an old rose high low dress that had sparkles and ruffles on it! I tend to trip over my own words when I speak, but I think it went better than I expected it to be! The downside however was that I had to wait till almost one in the morning for my turn to shoot. I had to be up by four in the morning the next day, so I was only able to get two hours of sleep.That was pretty much what we did on the second day.

Day three:

The third day was definitely the most tiring! I was exhausted due to my lack of sleep, but at least I got to take a few naps on the bus. We were required to wake up early for a public appearance on Breakfast Television! A few girls who had interesting facts about themselves got to speak up! Other than that, we just stood, smiled, and looked pretty hahaha! Afterwards we had breakfast and made our way to the CN Tower! I’m a girl who gets super shaky when it comes to heights! But surprisingly I didn’t freak out when we were at the very top, or when I was looking out the elevator on our way to the very top! I also got a picture with the glass floors, unfortunately my phone couldn’t capture the beautiful view of it! Later on we had a killer scavenger hunt at the Distillery District! Rob Campbell set up the whole thing for us, I was able to find one ticket that got me a stick of chocolate! I had so much fun at the Distillery District, I got some photos I’d keep for lifetime! We then had lunch at Cafe Uno, I had a burger and it was to die for! Yorkdale mall was our next stop! We went to Costa Blanca because they gave each delegate a $50 gift card! I was so thrilled because I absolutely love Costa Blanca! I bought a lovely skirt for my mom and I! Lastly, the highlight of my day was going to MUCH MUSIC! I had an unbelievable amount of fun! We were dancing, cheering, and we got to be on air with Lauren Toyota! It was crazy to be on air at Much Music Live! I usually just watch it in my living room, at home watching crazy fans plant their faces on the full glass windows making weird faces as the VJ speaks on air. I got to meet my favourite VJ Phoebe Dykstra, that was the best part of the day. I absolutely adore her! She’s the sweetest ever! This day was crazy busy, I was able to get a ton of sleep when I got to my hotel room however.

Day four:

Day four wasn’t as busy as day three was. We started off our day with the British Columbia delegates shooting their introduction video at High Park! We shot the video by a fountain! It was pretty quick, no more than twenty minutes. We then went for breakfast! Afterwards we went to Union Studio for some rejuvenating yoga!  We got to wear our brand new Hi-Tec Canada shoes! They were SUPER comfy! I had so much fun doing yoga with my fellow delegates, and as you all know, I’m not one who really works out haha! We then returned to our hotel and had rehearsal for who knows how long. I learned a ton of new choreography and worked on my catwalk. We covered runway walk, specifically evening and swimwear, and swimwear choreography!  Time goes by quick when you;re having fun! Later on, we had a little shopping spree once again, but this time we went to the Toronto Eaton Centre! When we entered we were immediately joined by a ton of security guard escorts. People were crowding around us taking videos, photos, and the press was also there! It was so welcoming, shoppers came to greet us and asked us what we were doing there, and asked to take photos. There were security guards everywhere following us around, and at every exit. It was crazy! Eaton Centre generously gave each delegate a $10 gift card to the food court, I got some Teriyaki Beef Yakisoba, my favourite! I’ve been rice deprived so I was craving for a little something from back home. Garage also generously gave each delegate a $50 gift card!! I was finally able to purchase a skirt I’ve been dying to have for months! I’m definitely a happy camper, I absolutely love Garage!

Thank you to all my kind sponsors, supporters, and those who voted for me! Please continue to vote for me, love ya all!

Danica Tan



*All photos used belong to Danica Tan*

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Hey Danica glad you had fun at the Distillery District. i think there’s a nice picture of you eating that burger at Cafe Uno on the Distillery District blog! Thanks for sharing this post with us.

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