On Wednesday, all delegates of Miss Teenage Canada 2018’s meals were luckily sponsored by Clean Meals. I really appreciate this sponsorship and I want to give a big thank to Clean Meals company. Clean meals is a company that produces fresh frozen food. The food packages are delicious and healthy at the same time. I have never ate a meal that was so yummy with such low calories. The dishes were perfectly proportioned, and the price were cheap with such great quality of food. The meals we had helped us on losing weight and stay full at the same time. I am really happy to have such an useful and wonderful sponsor. I ate all the food from the container and didn’t even gain one pound. This is just like magic. Guess how much calories were in each dish? Less than 500! It is so impressive with how much the food there were in the dishes. I totally fell in love with Clean Meals, and I will definitely eat it as long as I could. The bad thing is that Clean Meals only offers in Ontario, and I’m from British Columbia. I hope that one day Clean Meals could spread to British Columbia and I could keep having it as my daily meals! So, people in Ontario, take this advantage and try Clean Meals! I promise that everyone who tries it will fall in love with it because of its delicious flavor and high quality.

Here is the link of Clean meals’ website. Your healthy life starts here: https://cleanmeals.ca

Written by: Mina
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