The topic of my platform is the battle against elder abuse in our society today. Seniors from all over Canada are extremely vulnerable to elder abuse; in fact, one in five Canadians know of a senior who might be experiencing some form of abuse. The platform of elder abuse is a dire one which needs to be resolved as soon as possible


What is it?

Typified as any action caused by a person in a relationship of trust causing harm and distress to seniors- elder abuse encapsulates financial abuse, emotional manipulation and physical mistreatment alike and it affects  seniors in our communities even today. Although the evidence of elder abuse is mostly inconspicuous, this threat to our elders is very much relevant today. This abuse often occurs because of the abuser’s intent to influence control over an older person in most cases the abuser itself is a family member or a friend who relies on the older adult for money food and shelter.

Why I chose it/ What it means to me?

This issue is very dear to me because I know many elderly personally who are afflicted with this form of abuse on a day to day basis. Through first hand experience volunteering with the Richmond Rotary Hospice, I have discovered the extent of damage and pain elder abuse can inflict. The issue of elder abuse is so dear to me that I  chose to represent it on the stage of mtc in hopes of ameliorating this issue to the best of my abilities.

What I would do to promote it?

Already I have taken the task of promoting my platform very seriously. Just this last April  had founded a youth debate conference in order to advocate for this perennial issue. In the future, I hope to be the speakers of multitude of youth conferences and clubs in order to spread this issue with more youth. The more people are aware of this issue means  more people are actively taking a stand to end the issue of elder abuse which is rampant in Canadian communities today.



Janice Chok

Miss Teenage Richmond 2015


Written by: Janice

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