Within the past 18 days, a ton has happened. May is usually the busiest month of the year next to December! Here is a brief summary of what has happened in the past few weeks.

On May 8th I turned 17! It feels crazy to think that soon I’ll turn 18 and be considered an adult. It feels like just yesterday I turned 16, talking about how fast time has flown by. I had an overall great 17th birthday, even though it fell on a school day. My cousins from the Philippines were here on vacation, so it was great getting to spend my birthday with them years! On the night before my birthday, my family and cousins went out to watch the new Iron Man movie, while my other two cousins and I stayed home to dye our hairs pink haha (it didn’t turn out as pink as we hoped). My friend JC worked at the theatres, without me knowing he gave my brother a box of popcorn as my “birthday gift” with a note on it to give me. It was so cute and unexpected. Afterwards, my aunt took my cousins, my brothers and I out for late night all you can eat at Ninkazu. Up to this day, the thought of eating Japanese food makes me want to gag.  On the day of my birthday, my friends made it a great day for me at school! My friends had decorated my locker, and stuffed it with presents inside. My best friend Celhina also added in a pink sash that said “birthday girl” haha. Later during lunch time, my friends brought me to the Foods Room and sang me happy birthday; then gave me a birthday cake that they baked themselves. It was so sweet of them to put together so much effort just to make sure I’d have a great birthday. Later on my family took me out for dinner at the River Rock buffet, we had a splendid time together! I’m so grateful to be surrounded by wonderful people, and blessed that I was able to wake up and celebrate my 17th birthday.

During the past few weeks was also Mother’s Day! My siblings and I took my mom out for dinner at Chops, and bought her a maxi skirt from Aritzia. It was something she was dying to have! I’m blessed to have such an amazing mom who is always there for me, and always puts her children before herself. I don’t think there is anything in the world that will show how much love and appreciation I have for her. She is the only person in the world who will love, and forgive me for all the stupid things I have done, and will probably end up doing in the future. Thanks for everything mom, love ya. :*

On Saturday it was my sister Trisha and her classmates First Communion! This is a very important and special occasion that both the kids and their parents have been preparing for! During preparation, the parents would attend meetings every Wednesday evenings. And the children participated in classes that taught them about the Lord, and why communion is so important.  The First communion is a very important Catholic Church ceremony for Catholic families, and is traditionally practiced by Catholic families. The Holy Communion is also the third sacrament received from the seven sacraments! I remember having my First Communion ceremony like it was yesterday! I was in 8th grade, taking classes with a bunch of 3rd graders. My oh my, was it something! But anyways, this ceremony is taken place during regular mass, so the church was packed! My mom and sister went 3 hours early just so they could get good seats. All the kids who were going to take communion wore a white gown, and wore something beautiful and formal that was white underneath! Most of them were 8 year olds, so you can imagine how cute and dashing they looked! It was so amusing to look at the excited faces they had throughout the whole ceremony. The proud looks the parents had on their faces was very touching, and to see how dressed up they were for their children! After the ceremony there were a lot of picture taking, the kids were running around with glee hugging each other and speaking in their own unique language. At about 8pm, we went out for dinner with two of my sisters classmates families! Like on my birthday, we had the celebration dinner at River Rock buffet. I got to spend time with the cutest little girl named Stella! She is the most entertaining 3 year old girl I have ever met, everything she does makes me laugh. In the photo on the right is Stella, my sister Trisha, and Stella’s older sister as well as Trisha’s best friend Isabella; who also received her first communion! She is such an intelligent and sweet little girl.

Also a friendly reminder that this coming Sunday, May 26th is the annual Run & Walk event for SOS Children’s Villages that I spoke about a couple weeks back! My team and I have been prepping for this event since February, it would mean a lot if you guys participated! If you’re not a runner, or a walker, you can swing by the Kid Zone and have your kids participate in some of the games my team and I have set up! There will be relays, face painting, arts and crafts, and a fun photo booth! For more information about it, click here! The games are free so don’t miss out!!

Lastly, I have set up a Free The Children fundraising page where YOU can help ME out! My job as Miss Teen Richmond World is to raise money for a worthy organization called Free The Children! Free The Children is an international non profit organization and youth movement founded in 1995 by Craig Kielburger. This organization is funded to large extent by youth. They originally go by the motto “Children helping children”. Free The Children specializes in sustainable development in third world countries. So please help me, and less fortunate children out by donating here! Remember, every donation little or small counts!

Thank you so much and I hope you all have a great week!

Danica Tan



*Photos used belong to Danica Tan, & Iris Villasenor*

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