Today was the last day of our tour around Toronto! It wasn’t as jam packed as it usually is. It was more on rehearsing for the final night on Saturday! The butterflies are starting to kick in, it’s ridiculous! I’m so afraid of blacking out on stage, I hope I can win Social Media Queen and fast track to the top 20’s, or maybe even People’s Choice Awards? If you vote for me, you can definitely help me out with that! Here are the instructions on how to vote! It’s really quite simple, if you need help don’t hesitate to ask me by either writing on my Facebook Page’s Wall or by leaving me an e-mail at! Thank you so much!

So here’s a little summary of my day! We got up at about 5:15am to get ready for the Toronto Zoo! We got to see some giant panda’s that were imported from China! They’re currently on a 10 year loan which is pretty interesting. We also got a quick glimpse of some kangaroos and polar bears! Afterwards it was rehearsals after rehearsals after rehearsals! We did however have a pretty enjoyable lunch! We received some pizza from Pizzaiolo for the sponsorship! I know the gluten girls were very pleased to have gluten free pizza!

Now the real excitement begins! After long hours of repetitive choreography, we had the opportunity to go to the Medieval Times! It was a dinner and a tournament all in one! We were served dinner as we watched knights on horses fight one another. The teams were separated into colors, such as blue, yellow, red, etc! I was on the blue team. Everyone around us were so excited, especially one of the delegates, Selena Wand! She was screaming at the top of her lungs throughout the whole night. The food they served was absolutely amazing! It was a great night!

My official Miss Teen Canada World photo is also up, you can check it out here (on your way to vote for me perhaps? ;))! It’s not exactly my best shot, but it could definitely be worst! Remember to always count your blessings!

Tomorrow is the preliminary night, the real deal. This is where all the girls will be competing to make top 20 for the final night (July 20)! Wish me luck, and pray that I don’t blank out all of a sudden! It’s going to be a fun day! Once again, please continue to vote for me as well!

Love you all and wish me luck!

Danica Tan



*All photos used belong to Danica Tan*

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